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Natural & Nourishing

Introducing Cupuaçu

A gentle warrior, rich in polyphenols and fatty acids to combat free radical damage, protect the skin from damages while keeping it moisturized - leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh


From the deepest parts of the Amazon rainforest to the local palm trees of the Philippines, NUA brings the hidden gems of this world together at your fingertips. 

Our objective is to provide the most natural, simple, and chemical free skin care in the market. In a world filled to the brim with stressors, NUA is the all natural, daily escape you need. We’ve taken years of research to bring you the finest quality of nature’s finest treasures. We offer products created with diligent attention to detail and sensory pleasure in mind.

NUA for a NEW YOU. 

Love it

Love the scent and how this body oil moisturizes my skin without a thick and greasy feel.

Regine Tolentino Couturier, Host, Dancer and Fitness Professional


I absolutely love NUA body oil. It smells so luxurious and it leaves my skin deeply moisturized without feeling greasy or sticky even in the hottest Manila weather. I'm so obsessed!

Nikki Torres Yoga Teacher

Nurture from within

The natural wears and tears of our everyday routine are inevitable - avoidance of life prevents one from truly living.

The secret is in constant day to day rejuvenation: similar to to an overwhelmed mind, our skin deserves to be recharged.

A soft and sustainable glow

For the hours it spends exposed to potential harmful bacteria and sun damage, your skin deserves the utmost protection and revitalization.

Virgin coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin irritation and increases your body’s natural collagen production - giving you that true glow from within.