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Cupuaçu (koo-poo-ah-zoo)

A fruit harvested from the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest is at the heart of every NUA product. 

Known for centuries for its nutrient and vitamin dense composition, and for being a great source of fatty and amino acids as well as antioxidants, the cupuaçu’s butter, which we derive directly from the fruit, is the primary ingredient that allows NUA body oil and soap to melt beautifully into the skin. 

Each product effectively hydrates and nourishes, delivering incredible moisture minus the heavy residue, while at the same time protecting your skin from free radicals. 





Our story begins with our vision—


To provide the most natural, simple, and chemical-free skin care in the market. 


We sourced our ingredients from the world’s densest rainforest with the most diverse flora and fauna, the Amazon, to bring this to reality. There, we found the Cupuaçu and fused it with the inherent benefits of the Philippines’ most abundant and effective natural resource, local palm trees. 


The result is NUA—a line of products that’s light on the skin but big on benefits. Our infusion of extra premium virgin coconut oil with Brazilian cupuaçu butter allows our products to melt beautifully into your skin to deliver intense moisture with no heavy residue. 


Give it a try and experience what we mean when we say NUA can bring out a new you.